2019 Colored Hair Trends. The Glam Shades From The Blue To The Living Coral!

During the autumn-winter 2018/2019, with regards to hair colours, the trends include a return of natural nuances in the shades of brown chocolate, passing through the ash blond, up to the ginger red.

But the time has come to look beyond, to begin to discover what will be the trends that will accompany us next season. The celebs, as always, come to meet us, starting to show off new looks to inspire them.

Hence on Instagram, but also the events and on the red carpet, the stars have cleared through customs, the return of coloured hair, from ‘ icy blue of Kylie Jenner to the Living Coral, the colour of the year according to Pantone. These shades are not only suitable for very young women, but there are many ways to adapt them even to more mature women. A name on all of them? Julia Roberts!

In today’s post, we have therefore decided to talk about 2019 coloured hair trends: we will discover all the trendiest and most glamorous nuances and how to show them off at their best! Are you curious? Then off with the post!


The coloured shades were staged on the spring-summer 2019 catwalks, a prelude to what will be next season. Among the coolest results, there was the fashion show of Marc Jacobs has chosen for voluminous hairstyles Models in sixties style combined with hair with pastel shades, from pink to blue, produced by Josh Wood, creative director of Redken Global Color.


It is precisely the blue that has conquered many celebs that these days are showing off very trendy turquoise hair. Kylie Jenner, for example, has decided to start the year by publishing on Instagram a photo that shows her with blue hair, precisely in the icy blue shade.

In the post, from over 6 million likes, Kylie announced that she wants to start 2019 with a burst of colour, a very cool cold blue. Even Lady Gaga has presented the Golden Globe in 2019 with a total light blue look, dress the hair. The pop star is certainly not a lover of minimalism and has been able to demonstrate that the time has come to play with colours not only in make-up but also in the hair.


By choosing the right shade you can say that blue and blue are good for almost everyone. The top reaches it on girls who have particularly clear and diaphanous skin, but also with medium or dark complexions create a very interesting contrast.

If you have brown or black hair you could simply opt for a reflex that gives depth and adds an intense touch to your natural colour. If your intent is instead to have a light and uniform colour it is necessary to proceed with the bleaching. This is why it is always better to rely on professionals who will be able to advise you by making you achieve the required result without ruining your hair.

The same Kylie, before arriving at the blue, had gone through the discolouration. Another interesting example is Sable Yong, beauty editor of Allure. After wearing blonde hair for a long time, she turned from blondie to blue-addicted.

However, switching to the hair of these colours requires a lot of conviction! The same Sable Yong explained. “I had to do the bleaching, wait a week and then dye the hair blue lightly twice so that the coloured pigments adhered well to the hair. After 5-8 shampoos that you have chosen a cobalt blue, ultramarine blue or navy blue, petroleum blue or whale blue, the colour fades and it is already time to return to your trusted hairstylist “.

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