Raising Healthy Hair

Comb and Brush: How to choose according to your hair type

The choice of comb and wooden hair brush is crucial for the beauty of your hair. Often, in fact, you only care about the type of shampoo, conditioner or masks to use, and you overlook the fact that, instead, if you do not choose the brush best suited to our hair type, the result will […]

How To Grow Strong And Healthy Hair? 10 Tips For A Dreamy Hair.

Chi of us do not dream of thick and flowing hair? But often during our daily routine, we make mistakes that cause our hair to ruin and we are forced to run for cover with a nice cut. Once cut, we can’t wait for it to grow back, but we don’t take the necessary precautions […]

Dry Shampoo. How To Best Use It? Here Are The Favorites From Clio And The Team!

What are the best ways to use dry shampoo? When using dry shampoo do not overdo the amount; the risk is to leave an unsightly white patina on the hair. Very little is needed for the product to be effective. Do not apply dry shampoo over the entire head, but only where necessary, avoid lengths […]

Oxygen Therapy For Hair. What Is It And Why Our Hair Needs It?

Une of the most common techniques for improving the health of hair and scalp hair is the hair oxygen. In fact, this treatment is becoming increasingly well known, especially after being recommended by some Hollywood stars. Oxygen brings great benefits to the health of different body parts. In this case, the treatment consists of feeding […]

Combs And Hair Brushes. How To Choose The Right Ones Based On The Type Of Hair?

Choosing the best hair straightening brush is as important as choosing the right shampoo, conditioner or hair dryer. The scalp needs to be massaged so as to stimulate blood circulation and proper brushing, it helps to have brighter and healthier hair.

Awakening From Regina. The Ghd Glide® Brush Revolutionizes The Hair Routine

Ghd never ceases to amaze us. After having launched on the market the brand new – and super performing – Platinum + plate from the formidable technology, it has introduced the new Glide professional smoothing brush among its hair devices. Born from the fruit of years of research and on sale on the ghdhair.com website […]

2019 New Blond Hair. Mustard Yellow Is The Trend Of The Moment!

The blond hair remains a favourite colour from the hairstyle and passionate Mustard Yellow is a real novelty. They have a particular colour, and as you can imagine taking inspiration from mustard. Definitely, a very particular but definitely cool nuance if you imagine it replicated on your hair; but here is revealed the most fashionable […]

50s Hair Accessories. The 2019 Hairstyle Looking To The Past!

Jean Baudrillard used to say “What goes out of fashion enters the costume. What disappears in the costume revives in fashion”. And here we see the 50s hair accessories return. Headbands, scarves and headbands to give a vintage and sophisticated touch to our hairstyle. Fashion is beautiful because nothing disappears, it’s a bit like loves, […]

Valentine’s Day 2019. Hairstyles And Make-Up For The Party Of Lovers.

Has Arrived! And as always there are the two factions: those who are against it, who don’t celebrate it and those who can’t wait to arrive, to spend a special evening with those they love. Regardless of the “faction” that you spend with your loved one, with friends and family, it is always an opportunity […]

2019 Colored Hair Trends. The Glam Shades From The Blue To The Living Coral!

During the autumn-winter 2018/2019, with regards to hair colours, the trends include a return of natural nuances in the shades of brown chocolate, passing through the ash blond, up to the ginger red. But the time has come to look beyond, to begin to discover what will be the trends that will accompany us next […]

Long Hair Trends 2019. 5 Fabulous Trends Including Styling Cuts And Accessories!

After the trend for short and medium hair, it’s finally time to talk about hair trends long in 2019! It is already possible in fact to outline which will be the most popular fashions during the year thanks to the fashion shows and the hair flaunted by celebrities during events, red carpet and on social […]