Sale of Life Science Nutritionals

    By Deb Lowther

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July 2015 – Burlington, Ontario – It is with both sadness and excitement that the Lowthers announce the sale of the company Stuart founded, Life Science Nutritionals (LSN), and say goodbye to the Gummy Vitamin business.

While we are excited to move forward and create something new, LSN was a part of our family for almost 10 years. Stuart left a corporate job to risk it all and launch IronKids Gummies the same year our youngest daughter was born and together, our family and the business, thrived.

The next business has now been born, visit Boomer Nutrition to see what we are up to now. 


You . . . our customers, supporters, friends, coworkers, suppliers, event organizers, and retailers . . . got to know our family through social media, our company website, newspaper and magazine articles, and TV appearances. You have been there to watch our children grow into great little athletes as they inspired us all by participating in the many running, biking and triathlon events our company sponsored. You have supported us, cheered us on and been there with us since the beginning, and for that we send you an enormous Thank You.

Stuart, with his Masters Degree in Nutritional Sciences, was the founder, CEO, businessman and product creator while the kids and I were taste testers, cheerleaders and ambassadors for LSN. Together we were the family behind the business, running the business and living the healthy active lifestyle we promoted. It is hard to say goodbye to Life Science Nutritionals as it was a big part of our family life both personally and professionally.

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Since launching Life Science Nutritionals in 2005, Stuart Lowther grew the company from his simple idea to offer a healthier choice in childrens’ vitamins into a multi-million dollar company that by 2014 was ranked #2 in the PROFIT 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in Canada.

Then, in early 2014, a conflict arose between Stuart and a major investor and everything changed. Disagreements on how to properly expand the business resulted in repeated attempts by Stuart to buyout his shareholders and regain control of the company his family had become known for. But this was not to be.

After months of legal action, the only way to resolve the conflict was to force the sale of the company. On June 30th, 2015 Life Science Nutritionals was sold and we have had to say goodbye to the gummy vitamin business.


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Always looking to the future, we are excited to announce that the revenue from the sale of LSN will provide Stuart and our family with a fresh start to build on the success of IronKids and Adult Essentials brands. Stuart’s passion for creating healthy nutritional products for kids and adults has never wavered and we are thrilled to announce our newest brand name and exciting new business – Boomer Nutrition.

Aimed at adults in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and better, we welcome you to visit our new website for all your health and nutrition needs, great recipes and tips on keeping YOU active.

Connect with us on Facebook at Boomer Nutrition, and follow us on Instagram @BoomerNutrition   and
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And stay in touch – I will once again personally over see all social media and be voice behind Boomer Nutrition while Stuart is creating products and growing the business. We have many exciting announcements coming up, new products to share, new opportunities to expand and would love your support in spreading the word about Boomer Nutrition – it is time to take care of you and Live Your Life.


The History of Life Science Nutritionals
Our Business Story – Stuart Lowthers product winning idea for IronKids was making Omega 3 supplements palatable to kids by packaging them in chewable gummies without any artificial colours, flavours, or fillers. Kids loved them, Parents loved them, Costco sold them by the palletfuls and LSN’s success continued to grow.

What to many seemed to be the ‘overnight success’ of the company was the result of years painstaking work and constant innovation by Stuart. After launching the IronKids Omega 3 and Multi vitamins, Stuart began work on Calcium and Vitamin D and later Adult Essentials, a gummy vitamin brand for adults.

In 2010, Stuart oversaw the purchase of the manufacturing plant in Acton Vale, Quebec as a way to expand the business and own the only Canadian manufacturing plant of gummies.

That same year Stuarts wife Deborah joined the company, quickly building a social media presence for IronKids, and later Adult Essentials, by donating products and getting their whole family involved in sponsoring and participating in local runs and events that promoted healthy active families. As a mother of three, she connected with moms and influential bloggers who in turn became brand ambassadors for the LSN products that they loved.

As Chef Executive Officer, Stuart took a very hands-on approach, personally developing the formulas for each of the IronKids and Adult Essentials gummy vitamins. His efforts saw IronKids and Adult Essentials exported to 9 different countries, including China, US, India, and Denmark, resulting in an astounding 35 million gummies a month manufactured by LSN.

Under Stuart’s leadership, the IronKids and Adult Essentials gummies won numerous awards, including PTPA, Canadian Living Best New Product, and Best Selling Omega 3 gummy vitamin for kids. His greatest achievement was LSN making the top 20 of the PROFIT 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies 4 years in a row with Stuart himself being nominated twice for the Ernest Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

We thank you for your years of support and belief in our family and our products, we look forward to you joining us as we embark on this new business venture at