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boomer nutrition logo hexJanuary 14, 2016

Stuart Lowther launches Element Nutrition Inc and creates his first line of products for a new brand, Boomer Nutrition.

After a very successful 10 years creating and taking Life Science Nutritionals for #2 on PROFIT 500s List of Fastest Growing Companies, LSN was sold in 2015 and the Lowthers have created a new company. Visit Boomer Nutrition to get the ‘scoop’ on how they are helping the boomer generation age healthy.


PROFIT2014September 22, 2014

Stuart Lowther Takes Life Science Nutritionals to #1 on PROFIT 500’s List of GTA’s Fastest Growing Companies.

While I am dedicated to raising healthy kids in our home, my husband is passionate about raising a whole generation of healthy families across Canada! This is our Business Story and THREE exciting announcements!

2013 was the year all of Stuart Lowther’s visions and business strategies came together. His 8 years of hard work, smart business decisions, family friendly marketing initiatives and his innate understanding of the Nutrition Industry were all proven a success.

Based on sales and revenue achievements to December 31, 2013, PROFIT 500 establishes the Fastest Growing Companies and Manufacturing in Canada and the GTA.  Under Stuart’s leadership, Life Science Nutritionals has earned two #1 spots and claimed #2 Fastest Growing Company in Canada.

September 22, 2014
Stuart Lowther Takes Life Science Nutritionals to #1 on PROFIT 500’s List of GTA’s Fastest Growing Companies

PROFIT 500 announces the leaders in booming business across Canada and in September just announced the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in the GTA. Based on earnings over 5 years, ending December 31, 2013, Stuart Lowther once again takes LSN to the top.  Claiming the #1 spot in the GTA, Lowther credits his success to his winning sales strategy of engaging the consumer.






July 2014
Stuart Lowther Takes Life Science Nutritionals to #1 on PROFIT 500’s List of Canada’s Fastest Growing Manufacturers

If you read the article below about how Stuart founded Life Science Nutritionals (LSN) in 2005 and created IronKids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins, then you know purchasing the manufacturing plant in 2010 that made the gummies was a smart move in earning the company the #2 spot on PROFIT 500’s List of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.

What you may not know is the restructuring, the cost saving measures, new machines and production scheduling it took for Stuart to make the plant LSN purchased in 2010, #1 on PROFIT Magazines List of Fastest Growing Manufacturers by the end of 2013.


“Each of these manufacturers serves as a thriving example of what it takes to succeed in a sector that’s seen plenty of challenges,” writes PROFIT 500.

Congratulations Stuart. We knew you were creating something amazing with Life Science Nutritionals and it looks like now everyone can see the success of your business skills!

June 2014
Stuart Lowther Takes Life Science Nutritionals to #2 on PROFIT 500’s List Canada’s Fastest
Growing Companies

While I was pregnant with our third daughter in 2005, my husband Stuart came home one day and said, “I’ve quit my job, I’m starting Life Science Nutritionals.”

Eight years later, when revenue growth of LSN was compared to companies across Canada for the previous 5 years (2009-2013), that little company ranked #2 on PROFIT Magazines Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada. Number #2.

PROFIT2014According to ProfitGuide.com “The PROFIT 500 is by far Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth–nationally, regionally and by industry–the PROFIT 500 program gives entrepreneurs and their businesses the recognition they deserve for their achievements and contributions to Canada!”

Looking back at the previous 5 years, it is hard to say what really is his crowning achievement. Stuart plays a huge role in raising our 3 young daughters, he is home for dinner, attends dance recitals and soccer practices. He runs, cycles, swims, summited Mt Kilimanjaro with me in 2011 and completed his first Ironman 70.3 last fall.

Through the success of the business, we have been able to give back to the community, supporting healthy snack programs at our local school, to send vitamins to countries in need through donations to orphanages and Medical Missions, to sponsor numerous athletic events across Canada and support kids being active and healthy.

How did Stuart build business to make #2 in PROFIT’s Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies in just 8 years?

PROFIT_ListStuart had a vision, a passion, business smarts, industry foresight, product knowledge and over the years put together an amazing team in sales, operations, graphics, office management and – after I joined the team in 2010 – marketing and social media!

With a background in health and nutrition, Stuart personally formulated all gummy vitamins for LSN and in 2007, the IronKids Multi and Omega 3 vitamins hit store shelves. In 2009, the company expanded the IronKids product line to include Calcium and Vitamin D.

In 2010, their best selling Omega 3s were being carried at Costco Canada and the company was able to purchase their own manufacturing plant, allowing them to streamline production costs and grow the business to new capacity.

In 2011, Stuart formulated and launched the entire Adult Essentials product line, including Multi, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin B12. Later adding Multi’s specifically formulated for Women, Multi’s for Men and the newest, Sleep Aid Gummy.

That same year was LSN’s first appearance on the PROFIT magazine listing of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, ranking #16 after only 5 years in business.

In 2011 and 2012, Stuart was nominated by Ernst & Young for Entrepreneur of the Year.  2012 Business achievements included Life Science Nutritionals being named #10 in PROFIT 200 for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

2013 saw LSN reach #5 in PROFITS Greater Toronto’s Fastest Growing Companies and #1 in the Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals category, and 2014 now #2 Fastest Growing Company in all of Canada!

Stuarts goal in starting Life Science Nutritionals was not just to use natural ingredients and create better products than what was available in the retail market, he wanted to give back, to make difference, to contribute to raising a healthier generation and provide a secure future for his family.

Congratulations – you have done it and more! Your family is so proud of you. Reaching #2 is a huge achievement, although you’ll always be #1 on our list.