Join the WE Movement and Watch WE Day Broadcast

we-families-ambassador-we-movementHave you or your kids been to a WE Day event yet?  I have heard about these inspirational days for the last couple of years but it wasn’t until I was invited to attend The WE Family Event this past October that I really felt the WE Movement!

WE Movement WE Day WE Movement WE Day

Watch WE Day Toronto and Join the WE Movement

I encourage every family to sit down together and watch the WE Day Toronto event when it is broadcast on one of the following dates:

Monday November 28th at 11pm ET on MTV and Much

Tuesday November 29th at 8pm EST on MTV

Saturday December 10th at 7pm EST on CTV

Then discuss with the kids if there was a story they heard that made them feel like doing something to help other children and families around the world. Come up with ideas together of what your family can do to give back. Then visit and take the WE Pledge and commit to Live WE  at home. Just for taking this small step $10 will be donated to WE charities locally and around the world and you will have access to tips and resources on how to Live WE at Home.

The kids and I are thrilled to be among the WE Families Ambassadors as we have already had a long standing tradition of giving back!

How Our Family Decided to Live WE

My desire to teach my children about doing something for others began out of necessity. With 3 young daughters I had my fair share of pink tutus and Barbie Dolls by the time my oldest was 6  years old. I needed to find a way to still let the kids celebrate birthdays with their friends but without any new toys or tutu’s for them. My idea of Birthdays that Give Back: How to Party & Make a Difference was born.

I decided that for her and her sisters 7th birthdays and all birthdays following that, they would still get the party, the cake, the friends, and the celebrations, but none of the gifts. Instead they would pick a charity, pick items they wanted to donate and have their friends bring those “presents” wrapped and ready to give. My daughter would open all the gifts and the following week we would visit her donation place of choice and give them everything. We have been donating for 8 years now to Sew on Fire and The Painted Rock Animal Rescue Farm and this year are looking at a local Christmas Charity for kids to donate to.

If you have never seen a group of 10 year olds cheer when cat litter is opened or swoon over cute baby sleepers, I highly recommend it. Proof that they really don’t need ‘stuff.’ I have seen the look of pride when my kids deliver these gifts to the animals they are helping and when they get to assemble the baby layettes that are sent over seas. They are getting a gift far better than a toy.


17 Parties that Gave Back & Counting

In 4 weeks my youngest daughter turns 11 and we will be hosting our 17th Birthday Party That Gives Back. 17 parties full of presents that have ALL been donated. How amazing is that?

My family has been Living WE for years and because we started so young, not only has it become a normal part of our life, it has also allowed us to give hundreds of gifts worth thousands of dollars to others and make a difference in so many other lives. My kids have not missed out on birthday gifts because they have received so much more in return from this simple act of giving.

Join us and take the WE Pledge, become a WE Family and Live WE at Home. Visit for lots of idea to get your family started Living WE.

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