Adventure Travel With Kids: Pack Clothes Kids Will Actually Wear

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Whether it’s a camping trip you travel by foot or canoe from site to site, an extended road trip that sees you out exploring new territory rain or shine or an international adventure through different climates, one issue will arise if you are planning adventure travel with kids . . .packing clothes that fits the activity level and that they will actually wear!

Our family recently returned from a 15 day adventure in Peru that saw us visiting the desert, the jungle and the mountains. Over the two weeks away we were sweating and freezing – many times experiencing both on the same day. In the humid jungle we needed full protection from mosquitoes while non stop sweating, in the cold mountains we needed full length pants for morning hikes, but cropped pants for the ‘too hot’ afternoon sun.

How do you find clothes that are practical enough to protect from bugs and sun, that can be washed enroute and will dry fast and . . most importantly . . that your 3 teenish daughters will wear – not just during the trip but hopefully long after the adventure has ended?

It was a lot to figure out when you added in the fact that we had to pack light and use small duffle bags and back packs and the kids were not impressed with the selection for them at the outdoor travel store.

As adults we have options when it comes to outdoor wear, and lets face it, we don’t mind wearing clothing that is practical and will forgo a bit of fashion to be bug free, warm and dry.

Kids, not so much.

No one was interested in the beige zip off pants that convert into shorts, or the breathable, fast drying grey sun shirts.

Then one of the kids had a great idea. What if we went to Ivivva!

Ivivva_Adventure Travel Wear_biking

I wanted the kids comfortable while travelling to the desert, the jungle and the mountains AND wanted clothes that they would wear afterwards. Ivivva was perfect.

I already knew Ivivva clothes were made for active kids and on our trip we would be white water rafting, biking, on boats, trains, hiking up mountains and down archeological ruins. We were able to get lots of active wear from the kids closets as they are avid gymnasts, dancers, runners, rock climbers, skiers and swimmers.  All we needed were a few long sleeve Ivivva tops for colder weather and pants the kids would wear – not yoga pants, not jeans, not sweats.

Ivivva_Adventure Travel Wear_climbRequired for this family trip (and the future mega camping trip to Algonquin full of hiking and portaging that I am now planning) were both long pants and cropped pants that were light weight, made of material that was both durable, easy to wash, wicked away sweat and fast drying.

The Ivivva Live to Move Pants were PERFECT. Light weight, sweat wicking, two way stretch and they convert to crop pants with an easy fold and button. I could rinse them at night in the sink and they would be dry by morning and ready to be worn again . . and they were.

Two pairs of Ivivva pants each and those were the only 2 pairs of pants they wore for 15 days of travel.

I wasn’t sure where I could find kids sized practical pants for my 10, 12 and 14 year old daughters and trips to other outdoor stores left me frustrated with selection, but the Ivivva pants and tops we took were a huge success. I will be checking out Ivivva first for the kids when we go on our next family adventure.


Thank you to Ivivva Newmarket and IPR for inviting us to your event. We put your active wear to our Family Adventure test and they passed with flying colours!

Ivivva celebrates girls by designing beautiful, technical athletic wear (in sizes 6-14) and experiences that connect them through movement. From running and yoga to dance and goal-setting, ivivva stores offer a variety of complimentary athletic classes and Dreams & Goals programs that inspire girls to dream big. Shop or find the store nearest you at  #Ivivva #IvivvaGTA

  • Tammy In R Dream

    I absolutely loved following your trip to Peru! Looks like I need to check out Livivva perfect for our active tween daughter.

  • Tammy In R Dream

    I absolutely loved following your trip to Peru! Looks like I need to check out Livivva perfect for our active tween daughter.