Fall Family Fun – Five Fabulous Outdoor Activities

Fall is in the air. The mornings are cooler but the afternoons are warm and the leaves are starting to change.  Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and share some family time and maybe be a little bit more active. No matter what ages the kids are, everyone will love these outdoor Fall family activities.


Apple Picking

Weekdays after school are a perfect time to sneak off to the apple orchard and pick some apples, browse the early pumpkins and plan the apple cookies, chipsmuffins and pies you will make when you get home. This year the best apples were up high and the kids had more fun climbing the step stool and their Dad to reach the biggest apples than they did jumping on hay bales when they were younger.



Simply the best incentive to get kids outside and hiking in a forest for hours is the goal of looking for hidden treasure. Geocaching is a fabulous family activity that combines being active, orienteering, working together and solving clues. if you have never tried it, check out www.geocaching.com and download the app to get started finding hidden treasures near you. With over 1 million caches hidden world wide, geocaching is something your family can do at any age, anytime and anywhere!


Water Falls

Just going hiking can be a bit tiring for kids, so having an exciting destination, like a waterfall they can walk behind, makes it more interesting and may keep them walking just a bit further through the forest.  Search for waterfalls near year, you may be surprised by what you find.


Fall Harvest Festivals

Every year we look for something different to do and usually find there are many different farms and harvest festivals happening all through September and October near us.  This year we enjoyed riding up the chair lift of a local small ski hill that also had pumpkin decorating, small animals, amazing hikes and fall colours. Even the puppy had fun hanging out with the Fall props.


Corn Maze

As the kids get older, it can sometimes be a challenge to find something they like to do with the family for more than 10 minutes without hearing the famous “I’m bored.” Last Fall we found a local farm that had an amazing corn maze. It was NOT your average ‘done in 5 minutes’ loop through a corn field, instead this maze had a map, clues and had some very difficult passage ways to navigate. We were happily lost in this maze for well over an hour and never did find 2 of the clue boxes. This is one corn maze we will be visiting again this year and bringing friends.

Get outside and enjoy everything nature has to offer at this fabulous time of the year and stay active!