Summer Fun – Healthy Pool Party Snacks to Feed a Crowd


If you have a pool and you invite kids over, they are going to ask for a pool party snack.  It is easier than you think to provide Healthy Pool Party Snacks to Feed a Crowd.

Silly me started a tradition years ago that my kids could have year end pool parties with all their friends from school.  Not wanting to exclude any of their friends, all the girls in each class were invited.  Then the following year some of their besties were in the other class, so then we started inviting ALL the girls in their GRADE over to swim.

Our end of the school year pool parties are now a fixture in the June timetable and the kids at school anticipate their invitation arriving. I am super happy to host. A couple parents always stay to help out and as a reliable and formerly trained lifeguard, I am comfortable with large crowds in the backyard. Good thing too. These parties have gotten pretty big.

The great thing is we are creating so many fabulous memories for tons of my daughters friends at school. The crazy part is I host 3 pool parties in less than 24 hours and over 50 kids come through our back gate to join the fun.

For safety, and ease of logistics, when the parties are large I rotate the swim and snack portion – half the kids in the water swimming, half out enjoying a healthy pool party snack.  But what does one feed 50 kids without going broke or resorting to the grocery store stash of packaged processed stuff?

Healthy Pool Party Snacks to a Feed a Crowd

Frozen Watermelon on a Stick
Yup – cut that watermelon and put a popsicle stick in it. Freezer overnight and bam – healthy, ice cold watermelon. For a fancy version, I soak the watermelon in pink lemonade for a few hours in the fridge and then freeze them on a cookie sheet the night before the party.

Apple Nachos
Best invention ever. My kids love these. Slice any variety of apple thinly and drizzle with chocolate and /or caramel sauce.  We also sprinkle crushed almonds on top if there are no nut allergies to add some protein to this yummy snack.

Fruit Kebobs
They are pretty and offer a variety of fruits and kids love them. Something about fruit on a stick. Easy to make, you can combine any number of fruits and have your kids help make them.

Steer clear of the big Costco size bags of chips and make some good old fashioned popcorn (not the microwave bag kind!) to serve a big crowd some inexpensive munchies.  Who doesn’t love popcorn?

Fancy Water
You won’t find juice boxes or jammer pouches at our pool parties – I prefer to hydrate the kids with good old fashioned water with a sparkly or fruity touch.  Add berries, orange slices, lemon, lime or sparkle (those soda stream machines are a favourite here) to a large jug and liven up the water to party worthy status. Invest in reusable plastic cups (or fancy glasses – whatever!) to cut down on the garbage and enable kids to serve themselves.

Pool Party Basics

Enlist the help of other parents if you have more than a few kids in your pool and ensure everyone is a good swimmer or wearing a flotation device. And when it comes to feeding a crowd, make sure you schedule your pool party for those times in between meals and then provide any one of these healthy pool party snacks to feed your crowd.

And if you don’t have a pool but get invited to a pool party? Well those snacks will be welcome by any host at your next summer splash and all travel well! Have a safe and healthy summer by the pool!