#Fit30 Minutes of Activity in Your Day – Everyday

Fit30_everyday-impCan you #Fit30 minutes of physical activity into your day?

Just 30 minutes. Fit it n between appointments, just before dinner, while the kids are at dance practice, right after they go to sleep, or first thing when you wake up.

Take 30 minutes of ME time everyday. For your health.

Challenge yourself to #Fit30 minutes of any kind of activity in each day.

Start a “move”ment in your family. Everyday #Fit30 minutes of activity in with the kids by walking the dog, walking to school, play soccer in the yard. Or even stretching in front of the TV, doing a push up or plank challenge for fun or seeing how long you can skip for without tripping on the rope.

Anything that adds up to 30 minutes of activity counts.

You can #Fit30 minutes of activity into your day. . . .and this is why you should:

Just 30 minutes a day can:

Reduce blood pressure
Lower Type 2 diabetes risk
Protect from heart disease
Reduce risk of stroke
Improve heart, lung and muscle fitness
Build muscle mass
Keep bones strong
Boost energy
Improve breathing
Reduce risk of arthritis
Better sleep
Improve mood
Lower anxiety
Boost memory
Lower dementia
Boost creativity
Feel younger
Boost immune system
Control weigh

What Can You Do for 30 Minutes?

Mix it up! Get in some Cardio, some Strength exercises and some Stretching.

Try for three days per week of higher intensity activity that will increase your cardiovascular (aerobic) capacity such as fast walking, jogging, climbing stairs or bicycling. This type of activity can be done indoors on treadmills, stair climbers, ellipticals or stationary bikes or outdoors on trails, sidewalks, parks or forest.

Strength Training
Fit30_yoga_photostockStrength training does not have to be extreme weight lifting. Anything that challenges a muscle group through lifting or resistance – triceps, biceps, chest, legs, back or core – is considered strength training. Yoga is excellent for strength as it builds on many of these muscle groups using your own body weight and holding positions for a length of time. Doing a series of push ups will build arm strength, squats or lunges will increase leg strength and plank or sit ups will improve core muscles.

Stretching is important as it increases flexibility and helps avoid injury from cardio, strength training and regular daily activities.  When the body is warmed up, such as after a brisk walk, try to stretch any muscles used and hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds. Yoga is also great for flexibility and for learning new techniques for reaching hard to stretch areas.

Make being active part of your every day routine and #Fit30 minutes either all at once or throughout the day.

Encourage others to join you, and plan weekend family outings. Explore a hiking trail, a waterfall, a set of climbing stairs, a bike path, a new trail, nearby tennis courts, a yoga class, join a gym, try a strength workout DVD or swim laps at the community pool.

You can do this.  Your health will thank you. #Fit30


Source https://www.psychologytoday.com/
Image courtesy of mapichai at FreeDigitalPhotos.net