Inspire Kids to Get Outside – Top 30 Toys for Active Kids



The statistics are not encouraging when it comes to active kids. Bus or car rides to school, long days at their desk, video games after school and weekends hanging out in front of the TV is raising a generation of indoor and inactive kids.

How do you motivate your kids to go outside and play like we used to do? Few neighbourhood streets are filled with the sounds of kids outside and running with friends until the street lights come on is no longer the norm.


We encourage outdoor play by filling Activity Bins in our garage with all the tools the kids need to inspire outdoor active play like skipping ropes, hula hoops, and balls of every shape and size.

Creating an Activity Jar is a quick way to redirect the “I’m bored” with an assortment of activities to get their imaginations started. Kids want to run, jump, chase, throw, twirl and ride – being active kids comes naturally to them, just as hanging out on the couch does! Toss them a few soccer balls and potato sacks and see what happens.

This photo is of my front lawn on an average day.  It is no wonder the neighbourhood kids often end up here.

Sometimes kids just need a little nudge in the right direction to get them started having fun outdoors and, before you know it, you will be begging them back inside for dinner.

Top 30 Toys for Active Kids

Hula Hoops

Skipping Ropes

Soccer ball




OgoSport Discs

Lawn Darts

ZigZag Tunnel

Juggling Balls

Mini Sticks


Velcro Mitt/Ball set

Bean Bag/Ring Toss

Ladder Ball

Badminton Set

Balance Board

Slip n Slide



Plasma Car


Pogo Stick

Mini Basketball Net/Ball

Lacrosse Sticks


Skate board

Roller blades

Tennis Racquets

Baseball Glove/T-Ball Set

Did I miss any? What else can we add to our Outdoor Activity Bins to keep the kids active and outside this Summer?