SNOW Much Fun – Make Your Own Snow Cones and Ice Cream

toboggan_hill-impWe recently woke up to 40cm of fluffy white SNOW and immediately got busy making 2 giant toboggan hills in the front yard, cause that is what this active family does – brings the hill right to the front door. Can you say before and after school outdoor winter fun!

Then we head to the kitchen with a giant bowl of the white stuff and whip up our very own homemade snowy chocolate ice cream! Last year I showed the kids how to make snow cones and impressed them with taffy on a stick. We are making the most of the snow and enjoying some fun winter treats.

If you have young kids at home get a giant bowl of clean snow and bring it INDOORS – let the kids play and make snowballs, then give them different size cups, muffin tins, spoons and see what other shapes they can make! Add food colouring, or sprinkles or pudding or jello and see what happens!  Let the kids experiment and enjoy the snow outside and have fun keeping them busy indoors too.

SNOW Much Fun – Make Your Own Snow Scones and Ice Cream


Snow Cones

Want to really impress the kids? Make these super easy SNOW CONES. Fill mini cones with clean snow and cover with sprinkles. Ta Da .


Maple Syrup Taffy

maple_taffy-impBring a small amount (1/3-1/2 cup) of maple syrup to a boil on the stove.
Fill a cookie sheet with clean packed down snow.
As soon as the maple syrup boils pour into small strips on the cookie sheet.
Roll a popsicle stick around the syrup and watch it harden to form the best Canadian winter treat ever!

I like to do the last 2 steps outside with the kids so they can see the magic – and it keeps the snow cold and helps the ‘taffy’ harden.

Snowy Chocolate Ice Cream

snow_icecream-impThis is too good to be true – making your own ice cream from SNOW!

6 cups of fluffy clean snow
2 tbsp milk
1 capful vanilla
3 tbsp sweetened condensed milk (or heavy cream)*
1 tbsp cocoa powder

Dump all 6 cups of snow into a large bowl. Add the milk, vanilla, condensed milk and cocoa powder and mix until it resembles ice cream. It will get easier to mix as the snow melts. Be sure to distribute the condensed milk as it is quite thick.

*If you don’t have heavy cream or condensed milk you can use regular milk (so 5 tbsp of milk in total), it will taste more like a fudgesicle and waterier than ice cream but is still very good and fun to make!

Have fun with snow in the kitchen or outside and enjoy a few wintery treats after the next snowfall!