10 Ways to Stay Active Indoors During a Long Cold Winter

I am always encouraging my family to get outside, but this week temperatures dipped to -16 with wind chills of -30 and it occurred to me that there will be days over our long cold and dark winter when it just wont be that much fun to get outside. If the weather is OK, we need to bundle up and get outside and enjoy it, but when its not so nice outside how can a family stay active indoors during a long cold winter?

Find Indoor Fun for the Whole Family

Beach Volleyball

NorthBeachVolleyball-impIn the winter? YES! We were recently invited to try out North Beach Indoor Beach Volleyball in Toronto and I remembered how much I loved volleyball. It was freezing outside and we were barefoot in the sand, the tropics all arounds us, spiking the ball, high-fiving and having a great time! Not sure what the kids loved more, the rock climbing wall or the 20 foot blow up obstacle course which they took great delight in (barely!) beating their Mom and Dad through. That obstacle course was quite a work out!!



Rock Climbing

holiday_gifts2-featureWe discovered rock climbing a couple years ago when the kids were age 6,8,10 and we wanted an active way to celebrate Fathers Day.  Little did we know, one of our kids was a monkey! She climbed everything without a rope or belay help! Since then, my husband and I have taken a course and learned how to belay for our children, we have had 2 rock climbing birthday parties and that monkey is in her 2nd session of Senior Climbing Academy!

Roller Skating
My favourite memories growing up are of roller skating. I remember feeling like a cool kid at the roller rink and bopping to the all the hits of the 80’s (yes, I am that experienced!). The kids all have roller blades and have all mastered ice skating so this year on their Dads birthday in February you bet we hare hitting the nearest roller rink!

Give the kids a long stick and tell them to whack at a small ball. Who wouldn’t love that? Get the kids swing warmed up at a local indoor golf simulator or play some good old fashioned glow in the dark mini putt.

Trampoline Park
They are jumping  . . I mean popping . . .up everywhere.  Trampoline parks are the newest craze and they are an amazing workout! Parents and kids can jump from trampoline to trampoline and challenge each other with crazy jumps into the giant sponge pit. Kids can LITERALLY jump off the walls!! You can even try to perfect your jump shot with a basketball while taking off from a trampoline floor!

Kids miss lazy summer days by the pool or at the beach? Check out family swims at your local YMCA or community pool and maybe even buy a seasons pass to make the most of your splash time on cold winter days.

Recreation Center/Open Gym
Many communities have Rec centers boasting open gym times and provide soccer balls, basketballs, hula hoops, ride on toys and more. Take the kids and get all their sillies out at the recreation centre!

Go Bowling
Kids LOVE bowling, me – not so much – but I go bowling because kids LOVE bowling! Many offer a special rail to prevent gutter balls for younger kids and if you can find it, try 5 pin bowling. Easier for kids to bowl with the much smaller balls.

Play Tennis
Many fitness clubs offer indoor tennis and many tennis clubs put a dome over their courts in the winter time. Why not see if you can take the family for some open court time and serve up some family fun.

Water Park
Go as big as a weekend away to a giant indoor water park or as close as a local hotel with just a single  water slide. An indoor water park, big or small, keeps kids moving . . . and there are always SO many stairs to get to the top of the slides!

Try one or try them all and have a fantastic and active winter!! What will your family do to keep active indoors this winter?