FitTip: Get In and Out of the Gym in 30 Minutes

Fast_Fitness-impYou’ve heard strength training is good for you. Lifting a few light weights tones and improves lean muscle mass which is good for your heart, and bones.  Regular exercise relieves stress and increases energy levels. Heaving duty weight lifting is not required – just simple exercises and easy machines that work all muscles groups and keep your arms and legs toned, and your core strong to support a healthy back.

ADDED BONUS? Muscle continues to burn calories long after your workout – even at a resting state! Its like getting a workout after you have stopped working out.

But you are far too busy to get to the gym . . . and might not even like going to the gym. I get it. I actually don’t really like going to the gym either. I love feeling strong, I love having shape in my arms and no jiggly bits, but not a fan of sitting between sets and the time it takes to work out all the different muscles.

What if you could get in and out of the gym in 30 minutes? You could do that! And just 30 minutes a couple times a week can have huge health benefits.

You don’t need a fancy exercise program to tone muscle, but an important first step is to talk to your Doctor before beginning any new workout program to be sure lifting light weights will be ok for your legs, arms, chest, shoulders and especially your back.

Tips to Get Started:

Learn 5 Machines
Ask a certified fitness trainer at the gym to show you how to properly use at least 5 different machines on the gym floor – one for chest, shoulders, back, legs, triceps and one for biceps.

Most fitness professionals will recommend a weight for you that you can lift with increasing difficultly (but not exhaustion) at least 8 times, then recommend a 30 second rest time, and repeating the lifting for 2 more sets of 8 before going to the next machine or muscle group.

Proper Technique
Learning proper technique for posture on the weight machines, positioning your back and legs and how to lift or pull is very important to ensure you do not risk injury. Ask a fitness trainer to also show you how to properly perform squats, lunges, a plank and push ups. These exercise are far more effective and efficient if done correctly.

Combine Exercises
The key to a 30 minute gym visit is to use your rest time on these machines in between your sets to work a different muscle group and combine your exercises.

Get In and Out of the Gym in 30 Minutes

Warm Up – 5 minutes
Take the first 5 minutes and spend it on a machine that will get your arms, legs and back moving – a rowing or elliptical machine is perfect – this gets the heart pumping and the muscles ready to work.

Chest & Squats – 5 minutes
Following your fitness trainers recommended number of repetitions and proper weight on the chest machine and do one set of 8 chest exercises, then step behind the workout bench and do 30 squats, back on the machine do your second set of 8, then off and do 20 more squats, then back on and complete your 3rd set.

Shoulders & Lunges – 5 minutes
Again following your recommended number of repetitions and proper weight set up on the Shoulder press machine and after your first set step behind the machine and do 20 forward lunges on each leg, then back on the machine for your second set, then 20 more lunges on each leg and complete your third set.

Back & Plank – 5 minutes
This time combine back workout with planks. In between sets that work your back muscles, get down on the floor in front of the machine and hold plank on your elbows for as long as you can. Repeat again in between your next sets.

Legs & Push Ups – 5 minutes
Using a leg machine to workout your legs and combine with push ups on the floor in between your sets of weights. Set a goal for yourself to get to 20 push ups each time either with knees down or raised.

Triceps & Bicep – 5 minutes
Working the front and back of your arms makes sure there are no jiggly bits when you wave! Work triceps first and while resting move to a bicep machine or use free weights for bicep curl exercises. Going back and forth between triceps and bicep exercises until all recommended sets are done.

30 minutes. DONE. You will have worked out your arms, legs, core, back and shoulders with both weight machines and exercises. Try to stick with 30 minutes 2-3 times a week and then tell me how much better you feel!