The Perfect Gift: Give Your Kids the Gift of Time

10Things_cover-impIf your kids are anything like mine, they have a birthday Every. Single. Year. After a while you run out of ideas, closet space and toy storage to bring one more gift into the house.

When my oldest daughter turned 10 just 5 weeks after yet another Christmas, I was at a loss at to what to get her for her birthday, and then it hit me.

I was going to give her my TIME. My presence, not presents.

A quick trip to the craft store and I created a fun booklet to give my daughter full of stickers and blank pages. We were going to go on dates and fill these pages with photo’s of our time together.

I called it “10 Things You Can Do With Mom When You’re 10”

The front page has a fun photo of just the two of us and inside, each page has the adventure we are going on together and space for photos.  The catch is, we must complete all 10 dates before that childs next birthday.

10Things-imp10 Gifts of Time For My Daughters
Craft Class
Cooking Class
Ice Cream
Yoga Class
Redecorate Room

You can modify this list for boys or for kids who are older or younger, and for something Dads can do with the kids too.

It was surprisingly difficult to find places that offer some of the Mom and Me type classes when the kids are over age 5! The yoga class was at a friends studio, but more and more are offering Mothers Day classes, and the concert took advanced planning. The cooking class I never did find (they were all for adults or all for kids – none that offered parent and child), so I held my own ‘Cooking School’ and taught her how to make all her favourite meals – healthy versions of course! And the redecorating room need only be a new paint colour on the walls, that you and your child paint yourselves!

10Things2-impMy favorite date with my second daughter when she turned 10 recently was going for our manicure and pedicure. We found Glama Gal Tween Spa, the PERFECT place just for girls . . and their Moms!

My 3rd daughter is only 8 but is already excited about all the special things we are going to do together when she turns double digits.

What child doesn’t love one-on-one time with a parent?  And as the Mom who goes on all these dates with her daughters . . . it turns out, I am the one who gets all the presents!