Perfect Summer Drink: Stay Cool With Fruit Cubes!

ice_cubes-impYou see the gorgeous drinks staring at you from magazine covers and are immediately thirsty for a tall glass of anything with berries, lemons, limes and maybe even a mint garnish.

Who has the time to make photo worthy drinks? Who has those beautiful ingredients on hand when its really hot and do those drinks really taste any good?

3 Steps To the Coolest Drinks Ever

Keep cool this summer and be the talk of the patio with these super easy drinks made from ice cubes and water! Never has it been easier to make gorgeous drinks on a moments notice.

As for taste, you will just have to try them to believe me when I say . . . YUM!

icecube_tray-impStep 1 – buy frozen or fresh blueberries, strawberries, lemon, lime and/or raspberries. Use blueberries and raspberries whole, but slice strawberries and lemons/limes into smaller pieces. Put 3-4 pieces of each fruit in separate ice cube trays.

Step 2 – Fill with water

Step 3 – Freeze.


You can make the most thirst quenching lemon and lime ice water or beautiful berry water simply by adding 3 or 4 ice cubes to a tall glass and filling with water.



For the most gorgeous drinks, add a few cubes of each of the berries and lemons and limes, then top with mint from your potted plant on the front porch!

The best part? The drink gets prettier looking as the ice cubes melt and you get a healthy fruity snack when the drink is done!

What is your favorite combination or frozen fruit cube on a cold summer day?