An Unhealthy Secret: Top 5 Foods That Are Not So Healthy

unhealthysalad-impSalad lovers beware, that yummy dressing you are about to choose may turn your salad into the fat, calorie and sodium equivalent of a 1/4 pounder! And that bran muffin, you may get some added fibre, but you will also enjoy the same fat and calories of an apple fritter!

Healthy eating is something many of us strive for but the truth is there are times where our efforts to make healthy choices actually end up being on the unhealthy side of that very healthy food!

Healthy key words like muffins, salad, low fat, sugar free have become targets for restaurants and food creators. They are secretly pumping our healthy favourites with more fat, more sodium or more sugar to make our ‘healthy food’ taste as good as its unhealthy counterpart. Unfortunately, they are doing such good job, that this healthy food can secretly be hoarding more calories, fat, sugar and sodium than you realize.

Top 5 Unhealthy Food Secrets

Beware of the dressing. Be a label reader and at restaurants always check the nutrient guide for the salad dressings offered for your favorite fast food salad. Bring your own vinegar or yogurt based dressings from home when dining out, with only 1g fat per tbsp you’ll enjoy the health benefits of the greens and vegetables without compromising fat content!

Chicken Ranch Salad at Drive thru – 31g FAT, 590 Calories, 25g Sugar, 1480g Sodium
1/4lb burger at same Drive thru – 33g FAT, 590 Calories, 10g Sugar, 1240g Sodium

Blueberry, bran, carrot, fruit explosion, whole grain – so many healthy options.  Or are they?  The next time you go for the whole wheat and carrot muffin have a look at the nutritional breakdown, then compare it to the donut you are not choosing. You might be surprised what you find.

Blueberry Bran Muffin – 13g FAT, 280 Calories, Fibre 4g, Sugar 24g
Whole Grain Carrot Muffin – 13g FAT, 360 Calories, Fibre 4g, Sugar 29g
Apple Fritter donut – 8g FAT, 290 Calories, Fibre 2g, Sugar 15g
Chocolate Dip donut – 14g FAT, 270 Calories, Fibre 1g, Sugar 16g
Homemade Oatmeal Applesauce Muffin – 3.7g FAT, 177 Calories, Fibre 4g, Sugar 15g

Granola Bars
Granola bars are a staple in pantry’s and kids lunches as a quick on the go snack. Unfortunately many granola bars are filled with high fructose corn syrup and contain as much fat and sugar as a candy bar. For a healthy snack with protein and fiber reach for a pear, cheese or your own mixture of almonds and dried apricots.

28g Chewy chocolate chip granola bar – 4g FAT, 1g Fibre, 9g Sugar, 1g Protein
28g Sweet & salty granola bar – 9g FAT, 11g Sugar, 4g Protein
28 g Snickers bar – 6g FAT, .5g Fibre, 13g Sugar, 2g Protein

Popcorn has received a lot of positive attention for being a low calorie, good fibre snack food but, beware of the unhealthy popcorn options out there! Not all popcorn is created healthy!

Compare (16 cups)
Large movie popcorn – 57g FAT, 1030 Calories, 630mg Sodium, 16g Fibre
Purchased bag popcorn – 90g FAT, 1440 Calories, 1900mg Sodium, 19g Fibre
Microwave popcorn – 24g FAT, 680 Calories, 1500mg Sodium, 12g Fibre

Air popped Popcorn at home – 5g FAT, 500 Calories, 10g Sodium, 17g Fibre
(if you add 1/2 tsp salt add 1000mg of sodium, 1 tbsp butter add 12g FAT)

Yogurt can be part of a healthy diet with its calcium and protein or building bones and muscle and probiotics that aid in digestion, however the fruity, fruit tubes and drinks can sometimes be more of a treat than a healthy lunchbox item. Stick to plain or small amounts of higher fat greek yogurts and add your own fruit for flavour or drop of honey for sweetness.

125g Yogurt – 2g FAT, 140 Cal, 21g Sugar, 4g Protein
2 60g Yogurt Tubes – 3g FAT, 120 Cal, 16g Sugar, 4g Protein
200ml Yogurt Drink – 3g FAT, 160 Cal, 26g Sugar, 6g Protein

Plain Sweetened – 3g FAT, 90 Cal, 12g Sugar, 4g Protein
Greek Yogurt – 13g FAT, 180Cal, 2g Sugar, 10g Protein

Don’t be fooled!  Be a label reader and before hitting the drive thru, check the nutrition guide offered by most restaurant chains and make a healthy choice when it comes to these healthy foods!