Tips and Traditions for a Healthy Easter

bunnies-impA holiday where giant chocolate bunny’s and jelly beans are part of breakfast can hardly be healthy, but there is a way to sneak a little extra healthy fun into this sugar filled celebration.

Fun Hunt

A houseful of hidden candy is a must for us on Easter but it doesn’t have to be all chocolate and gummy bunnies. All plastic eggs are filled but only some with candy, others hide fun stickers, erasers, coins, party jewelry, and special notes. To keep the hunt interesting all filled plastic eggs are divided by colur and each child is given 2 colours to search for. If they find eggs that are not their colour they leave them and keep searching. This way I can hide eggs specific to each of my 3 kids and can base the hiding places on age and ability to reach high places!

Fun Food

Easter morning I make sure to always have a healthy breakfast on hand to combat the chocolate covered jelly beans I know they are enjoying throughout the egg hunt! Try these Oatmeal pancakes for filling fibre, protein and fruit or make ahead some Quiche with cottage cheese and cauliflower.

Make sure you spend a little time having fun with food on Easter. The cupcakes in the photo are a favorite here, made with licorice whiskers and marshmallow ears . . I didn’t say they were healthy!  And how about these Easter dipped strawberries or fruit tray shaped like a giant Easter egg?  Fun Easter food can be healthy and cute!

Fun Gifts

Yes I give my kids gifts at Easter, but they are always something that will get them outside and active. A few favorites are hoola hoops, skipping ropes, basketball, Frisbee, sidewalk chalk, bubble blowers, scooters, bikes, roller blades and this year we are trying out Ogodisks which have come highly recommended.

Fun Traditions 

More important than the chocolate, the cupcakes or the gifts on Easter is the memories and the traditions we enjoy each year. The Easter tree we’ve made from branches we found in the yard and spray painted white, the eggs we boiled and coloured, the crafts we made for the Easter table and the kisses we received.

Bunny ‘Kisses’
My favorite tradition has to be the paw print. I’ve had a kitty paw stamp forever and each Easter eve, as the kids sleep, I sneak in and place a paw print on their cheeks and on the back of their hand. It’s their Easter bunny kisses. The don’t notice until someone tells them the next day . . . or now that they expect it, they run to the mirror when they wake up to see where the bunny kissed them while they were sleeping.

May you enjoy a very Happy Easter weekend with your family and friends.