Fast Food – 15 Minute Meals That Are Healthy

grilledcheeseI have busy active kids and I love every part of it. Well I might not love having to get quick healthy meals on the table, kids dressed for activities and be back out the door in under 30 minutes during the week.

It happens too many times a week at our house so stopping at the drive thru or throwing them a granola bar isn’t going to be enough. Kids get home from school at 3:45 and sometimes the first activity starts at 4:30. On days when activities go for 2-3 hours a snack won’t be enough. The kids need a healthy meal and it needs to be ready in under 15 minutes for this mama to get them fed and on their way.

What is a Healthy Meal?
A meal that includes something from all the food groups: fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and a protein.

These are my favorites and all kid-approved.

15 Minute Meals That Are Healthy

Scrambled Egg Roll Ups
Scramble eggs with added egg whites and cottage cheese for extra calcium and protein, then add in finely chopped cauliflower. They will never even notice! Scoop into a whole grain wrap, add salsa or ketchup and roll it up.
*dairy, protein, veg, grains – add side of sliced fruit.

Tuna Melts
Use whole grain english muffins and top with tuna mixed with mayo and avocado and top with shredded cheddar. Broil until heated and cheese is melted.
*dairy, protein, grains – add side of cut fruits & veggies.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese
A Panini press makes the healthiest version of grilled cheese as it grills perfectly without any butter. Inside two pieces of 100% whole grain bread add a slice of tomato, lean meat, real cheddar cheese and heat through. For added protein, dip outside of the bread in egg first (french toast style), place in panini or pan, then add cheese top piece dipped in egg and grill. Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?
*dairy, protein, grains – add side of cut fruits & veggies

Chicken/Turkey/Tuna Helper
It takes only 8 minutes to cook whole wheat egg noodles, then add a can of tuna, chicken or turkey, some green peas, grated cheese and a can of cream of mushroom soup and you have a complete meal.
*dairy, protein, grains, vegetable – add side of sliced fruit.

Breakfast For Dinner
Make these Oatmeal pancakes on the weekend and freeze a few extra for a quick breakfast for dinner from the toaster! Made with rolled oats, flax, oat bran, milk and bananas these are nutrition packed pancakes.
*diary, protein, grains, fruit – add side of cut vegetables.